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4/06/15 Blue Diamond Pumps

Miller Component Sales is proud to be representing Blue Diamond Pumps in all of our Sales Territory!

Blue Diamond Pumps Inc supply a range of pumps and accessories for use in wastewater treatment, condensate removal, hydroponics and aquatics.

The BlueDiamond pump  out performs other condensate pumps and does exactly what you need it to do. We know installers keep us in the van to replace failed or clogged mini pumps and split tubing on peristaltic pumps. 

  • silent running less than 21 dbA
  • no maintenance or servicing required
  • self priming runs wet and dry
  • flow rate remains constant even at 13.12 ft head
  • ultra reliable multi year warranty
  • unique patented pumping principle
  • quick to retro-fit
  • quick and easy to install
  • multiple sensing options
  • plug and play, fit and forget
  • powerful enough for distant location
  • quiet enough for ceiling mounting
  • flow rate up to 13.2 g/hr
  • pumps up 6 stories
  • unrivalled low power consumption
  • tolerates suspended solids and light slurries
  • peristaltic performance at the price of a piston pump
  • thermally protected with integral high level alarm

Blue Diamond - why risk anything less?

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